Where Can I Advertise?

On Screen Advertising:

Screen advertising offers an ideal scenario for advertisers to showcase their brand message to a captive and highly receptive audience and has proven to help yield high brand recognition among those individuals exposed.
All cinema screens are equipped to screen both 35mm prints (reels) and/or slides projections.

On Screen Advertising:

Online advertising is an ideal method of promoting your brand message to a wider audience at a reduced cost. Rapidly becoming a favorite among advertisers, cinema websites generate repetitive high user traffic which helps build positive brand associations. Examples of websites available for advertising include:

For a further consultation of available web space for advertising, please write to

Ticket Advertising:

Ticket stub advertising has been a favorite among advertisers since its inception. This means of advertising offers the ability to place a company brand at the fingertips of the audience they are trying to reach out as well as associating their brand closely with hit movies and popular actors. Concession Products:
Another favorite with cinema advertisers; advertising on concession products offers companies the perfect opportunity to place their brand in the hands of individual consumers whilst offering a mobile, high visibility medium of advertising throughout the venue. A few examples include:

  • Pop Corn boxes
  • Nacho Trays
  • Drink cups
  • Cinema bags


Cinema venues offer advertisers a multitude of low-cost ways to promote their brand to a captive and receptive audience. Venue branding opportunities are limited only by your imagination, though some of the tried and tested favorites are outlined below.

  • Plasma screens
  • Staff uniforms
  • Roll-up banners
  • Wall banners
  • Ceiling danglers
  • Cut outs
  • Light boxes
  • Stairs stickers
  • Door posters/stickers
  • Bathroom advertising
  • Cashier stickers
  • Promotions kiosks/stands
  • Laser projection
  • Countertop stickers