The Executives

Pritesh Depala

CEO, Phars Film
Pritesh Depala Is The Managing Director Of Phars Film. In This Role, Mr. Depala Is Responsible For The Management, Strategy And Oversight Of The Business Group And Is The Key Driver Of Growth And Diversification Of The Group’s Business Interests. Pritesh’s Leadership Experience Reaches Into A Number Of Business Sectors, Including FMCG Trade, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality, Security, And Event Management. In Addition To His Work At Phars Film And His Private Enterprises In Hospitality & Real Estate, Mr. Depala Resides On The Board Of Depala International, A Leading UAE Business Group With Interests In FMCG Trade & Distribution. After Receiving His Secondary Education In The UK, Mr. Depala Moved To The UAE To Pursue His Career, During Which He Also Received His Bachelor’s Degree In Marketing And An Associate’s Degree In Advertising From The American University In Dubai.

Ahmad Golchin

Founder And Chairman, Phars Film
Ahmad Golchin Is The Founder & CEO Of The Phars Film Group. Credited As The Father Of The Middle East Film Cinem, Mr. Golchin’s Career Has Laid The Basis For Phars Film’s Proliferation Into New Business Sectors Beyond Just Its Film Distribution And Exhibition Portfolio. Educated In Iran, Where From Humble Beginnings He Established Himself As A Reputed Publisher, Mr. Golchin Left His Publishing Career Behind And Relocated To The UAE At The Onset Of War In His Country. Carrying A Persian Dubbed Mexican Language Film In Hand, He Landed On UAE’s Shores In 1963. Since That Day, He Has Been Building The Foundations To What Is Now The Largest And Most Successful Film Empire In The Middle East. Mr. Golchin’s Partnerships And Investments Span The Middle East And Operate In As Diverse Sectors As Distribution, Exhibition, Post-Production, Media, Hospitality, Property Development And Property Management.

Mahi Golchin-Depala

Managing Director, Phars Film
Mahi Golchin-Depala Is Responsible For The Oversight Of Phars Film, Its Numerous Partnerships And Various Investments Across The Middle East. Mahi’s Wealth Of Knowledge And Top Management Experience Within All Sectors Of The Middle East Film Distribution And Exhibition Industries Has Allowed Phars Film To Continue Its Growth Into The 21st Century And Is Critical To The Company’s Future Development Plans. Mrs. Golchin-Depala Is Also Active Within Phars Film’s Sister Companies, Gulf Film And The Grand Cinemas Group. Her Role As Group Communications Director Ensures Synergy And Close Cooperation Between The Sister Groups. Educated In Dubai And Fluent In Five Languages, Mrs. Golchin-Depala Received Her Bachelor’s Degree In Visual Communications With A Minor In Photography From Richmond University In The UK.